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Different Types of Mobile Apps For Apple Watch Series

It doesn’t matter which version of the Apple Watch you have; Without the right apps, it is a fact that you are not getting the most out of your Watch. However, the App Store has so many options that finding the perfect apps for you can be a long process unless you have a handy list of the Apple Watch’s best apps. Fortunately, that’s just what you have in front of you.

Best Apps For Apple Watch

1. Marketing & Finance


Calcbot app returns to the Apple Watch with the latest version for the latest operating system. The new Calcbot adds development to the Apple Watch’s face, making calculations quick and easy without grabbing the phone. The application costs $ 2, with an additional charge for additional themes.


Currency only does one thing, but it well converts one currency to another without reaching for the phone.


You’ll have to set your budget in the main iPhone app, but Pennies on your Apple Watch makes tracking expenses a breeze once done. That warns you if you continue progressing your limit and has a Glance screen for daily payments.

2. Sleep And Well-being

Sleep Cycle

This application complements its “older sister” and complete Sleep Cycle for iPhone and iPad. The significant advantage here is its silent activation alarm based on the sleep phases, in addition to a snoring function: it uses vibrations to stimulate a change in position and thus minimize breathing. This app is free, although some features require a subscription.

Sleep ++

Here we have a sleep tracker to the Apple Watch. Unlike various other systems, the Sleep ++ app does not require you to activate night mode, as it automatically starts sleep tracking when it understands that you have gone to bed. There’s also a manual override if it turns out to be not accurate enough. This app is free, including a voluntary in-app payment to remove the ads.


The headspace app allows conducted meditations to help you relax. From choosing the duration to hundreds of different topics, plus emergency stress relief guides, the app wants to make understanding care easy and beneficial for you when you need it most. The app is free and has essential content, but a subscription must get the most out of it.

Apps for Apple Watch Series

3. Health And Beauty


The RocketBody will survive the first Apple Watch app to use the ECG feature of Apple Watch Series 4, to help understand when is the best time to exercise. Previously, the AI-based application used a separate ECG monitor, but readings were taken automatically, leaving the user to review them four times a day manually.

However, RocketBody claims that the benefits will be worth the effort. The update will arrive on December 18, and you will have to pay a subscription of $ 5 per week to take advantage of all the features.

Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness

Asana Rebel is a fun fitness app, specially designed for women. It comes with an exercise routine that rivals hardcore HIIT programs. Updated for iOS 11, the application also works with Apple Watch, so with it, it is straightforward to start and end workouts and see your progress without having to look at your mobile phone. This app is free, although a subscription is required if you want to access the training plans.


With a different take on what a traditional activity tracker is, Standland encourages you to accomplish your goals by rewarding you with cute characters. There are 14 of them that enable you to move and stay awake. If you lose your dreams, all fall asleep. A modern update has also added an AR mode for iOS 11. Additionally, the app helps keep track of your achieved times.

Nike + Run Club

The Nike running app comes pre-installed on Nike’s special edition of the Apple Watch Series 2, but it works with all watches and supports GPS, whether it’s the Nike model or not.

With this app, you can get personalized fitness plans, compete in leaderboards, and even have fun with Nike stickers for iMessage.


If you use Runtastic to track your fitness activities, the Runtastic Apple Watch app will adjust to your training. Of your smart Watch, you can start your run, get real-time tracking data, control music, share hours of training, and if you have your phone with you, then use the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Yourself package also uses the free version of the Runtastic app, or If you need to use the Pro version costs $ 5 with no ads and more features.


If Apple’s fitness tracker app isn’t enough for you, then you’ll want to try Lifesum, a comprehensive guide to getting healthier, fitter, and more motivated. Works with HealthKit and other apps.

It encourages you to make a series of small changes in your daily life, which can have an excellent cumulative effect on your health in the long run. The application is free, although it also has a subscription plan.

Peak – Brain Training

The Apple Watch not only helps you keep your body in shape, but also your mind. The peak is part of cognitive brain training mode, part game too. There are 40 of them, each designed by neuroscientists and gamers, and another three designed to improve your memory and attention span, all – sure – explicitly created to play on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 4 Apps

4. News


An alternative to the BBC application would be the CNN extension for the Apple Watch that allows browsing through 12 different categories configured according to preferences.


If you’re already a Flipboard fan, getting this news release for your Apple Watch will be a breeze. If you do not know this platform, we have to tell you that it is time for you to do so. Flipboard is an easy-to-use and visually beautiful app.

5. Weather

Dark Sky

The Dark Sky application for the Apple Watch was made specifically for this device, so it is not a reduced version of the main application, and it shows. The weather app provides a one-week forecast and displays weather notifications about rain, extreme weather conditions, or government alerts. This app works in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Weather +

It is a free and beautiful alternative to Dark Sky. Also, it is a bit above Apple’s weather app. Weather + offers a 5-day forecast, a visual experience similar to a weather station, and detailed rain or wind speed data. It’s made specifically for WatchOS 2.0, so it’s fast and useful.

6. Music And Entertainment

Castro Podcast Player

Operating essentially like an email client for podcasts, the Castro app makes it easy to register, download, and listen to podcasts, no matter how many of them you recommend to. This Apple Watch app lets you manage playback, including collecting the latest episodes to play. That app is free to use, but there is a subscription option with additional features.


Identify that unfamiliar song just by letting Shazam listen. The Apple Watch application will show all the information about the song (but remember that your iPhone is the one that listens), and if you like it a lot, you can buy it through the App Store. The main app also works with iMessage on iOS 10.


If Deezer is your favorite music streaming service (or you’re looking for one), its integration with Apple Watch is good enough that it’s worth installing.

You will have full control over the music, including jumps and likes, plus a prediction function. The application works both in online and offline mode.


If you link Musixmatch with Apple Music or Spotify Premium, you will get the synced lyrics of your favorite songs on your wrist. The Apple Watch app can also request the music identification feature on your phone.

TuneIn Radio

Get full control and access to the 100,000+ broadcasting stations featured in the TuneIn app using your Apple Watch. Choose stations, identify tracks, add situations to your favorites list, and include more features.

Top 10 Best Apps For Apple Watch

7. Social Networks

Nano for Reddit

The native app makes the Reddit experience to your wrist, and it works over both Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, so if you have the latest Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4, you won’t need your phone nearby to navigate the website.

Because this app is developed to use on the Watch, it runs smoothly, resulting in an outstanding Reddit experience by using this app. It should also be updated with a new user interface and the ability to compose posts. This app is free, and there is a Pro version with unique features that costs between $ 2 and $ 4.


WeChat’s hugely popular Apple Watch app brings most of the full-screen experience on your wrist, including replying to messages, viewing new conversations, leaving voice responses, and sharing your location.

8. Travels

iTranslate Converse

With the iTranslate Converse, you can translate your words into another language directly from your Apple Watch. To make, therefore, say anything you want to speak to the Watch and let it solve the phrase into one of 38 available languages. It works in real-time or almost and includes a text-based visual interpretation. This app is free, but an agreement is required to use the service beyond the trial period.


Circa lets you keep track of international time zones at a glance and find out what time it is in another part of that system. The cleared and easy-to-use interface organizes your time zones to quickly determine what time is best to get in touch with friends, family, and colleagues (no matter where you are).


Ciymapper offers a wealth of travel and traffic information, and the Apple Watch extension provides all the route details and trips you plan to take, including notifications for the next stop or schedule changes.


Everything you usually do in the Uber app on your iPhone can be done from your wrist on the Apple Watch, including requesting a ride, viewing your location, and checking details about the car and driver.

App in the Air

Manage your flights on Apple Watch, iPhone, and iMessage with this smart app. The Apple Watch extension tracks your flight, gives you gate information, and even gives you advice for your flight and a live route view.

9. Tools And Productivity

Canary Mail

Canary Mail is an example of the unique third-party email clients with an Apple Watch app. In the enjoyment of reading your email, it gives you quick responses and takes dictations, and, if you have an Apple Watch Series 3 with 4G LTE, you can sync your email without needing your phone. It also allows PGP for end-to-end encryption, but it costs $ 10.


Apple has not integrated Notes with the Apple Watch so that you can use Evernote without problems. The Watch application receives notifications and reminders, allows you to view and update your notes, and create new ones, using dictation. The exact process can also be used to search for your messages.

Draft 5

The draft is all about text. Capture a book from anywhere, or through diction on the move, and share it with almost any other application or service. Say it directly to your Apple Watch, see the result, add more and save it to your inbox. It is an expeditious and straightforward way to take notes.


Remember the things that go through your head working your Apple Watch. Catch a quick note, called a cheat, and it will then appear on the Apple Watch screen of your choice. The app also integrates with iMessage in iOS 10 and has a widget for your iPhone. In-app purchases also unlock iCloud syncing.

Fantastical 2

This calendar and reminder application are used on Apple Watch. It allows you to add events using dictation, see upcoming calendar entries, and have everything in one place on your Watch.

Apple Watch Series Best Apps

10. Games


A fantasy adventure game, unlike any other Apple Watch game. Conceived expressly for the Watch, it has 1,000 levels of play, where spells, artifacts, and enchantments are used to fight against the enemy.

Trivia Crack

You don’t require to choose up your phone for a trivia game. Trivia Crack can also be played on the Apple Watch. The app also works with iMessage on iOS 10.

11.Remote And Digital Media

Halide Camera

This application is like an alternative camera for your iPhone. It works as a remote trigger and offers an on-screen preview. Since the application focuses on using the camera manually, it is useful for taking long exposures and avoiding camera shake.


You can finally appear in group photos, controlling your iPhone through ProCamera. This app allows you to capture images in low light situations, pictures with a timer, HDR, and video directly from your Apple Watch. Leave that selfie stick at home!

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