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Have You Been Blocked On WhatsApp? Find Out How To know.

If you suspect that a contact has not wanted to have contact with you in the queen instant messaging application WhatsApp, these are the signs that you are correct.

One of the less social functions of the WhatsApp messaging application is blocking, at least for those users who have been blocked since it is a very subtle way of telling you that it is not well received.

The blocking user ensures that specific contacts cannot send him messages or see his status through this system. They will not be able to know your last connection time or your description, much less your profile photo. But what happens when we are the ones blocked? Can we see if they have applied this ‘corrective’ to us?

The answer is yes. Several indications added can indicate that, indeed, we have been blocked on WhatsApp. These are some tips to find out.

WhatsApp messaging application

1. The double marker is not marked in conversation.

When you send a message on WhatsApp messenger, there are two “ticks”: the first indicates that our text has been dispatched from our mobile; the second informs you that the recipient has received it.

If the second “check” does not appear in the conversation, it may be a first sign that you have been blocked. In no case, the icon would turn blue, since if you have not received it, you have not been able to read it.

However, it can also happen that the person in question has their mobile turned off or that at that moment, they do not have an internet connection, so it is not a definitive signal either.

2. You can’t see their photo, description, or status.

Most WhatsApp users accompany their profile with a photo that other users may or may not see depending on their application settings.

You may have the option marked that only the people you have saved among your contacts access the image, so if you do not have your number on your plan, it will not be displayed in your application.

There is also the option that, directly, it has no image. Lastly, they may have blocked you.

The same happens with the descriptions of the profiles and the brief states: if you cannot see this phrase that accompanies the account of the person you suspect has blocked you, and you have not had an update of their status for a while, it could be a symptom of who has banned you from their contact list.

Most WhatsApp users accompany their profile

3. You can’t make voice calls.

If, when opening the conversation with the person “suspected” of carrying out the block, you cannot make voice calls or activate the alerts. However, something similar to the first case may occur, and the terminal does not have a connection at that time, so it is not a definitive test either.

4. You cannot see the connection time or if it is online.

Although today, many users have disabled the option to make their last connection time visible, today WhatsApp always reflects when a user is online unless I have blocked you.

You can only see the last connection time update if you have this function activated yourself, but the other person may have it hidden, so this method is not irrefutable proof of blocking.

However, if you have not seen the well-known “online” at the top of the conversation for a long time unless you open the application recently, it is a pretty clear sign that he does not want you among his contacts.

5. It is impossible to add you to a group.

If you have recognized all these situations in your WhatsApp relationship with the person you think has blocked you, there is only one check left: try adding them to a group.

The usual steps are: look for it among your contacts and add the user in question. The application will not give you any signal that you cannot include it in the grouping, but when you look at the list of aggregates, it will not appear (because you could not do it).

However, if you may be together in a group chat in which you have included a shared contact or in which you have added it yourself, although before the block. In this case, you can see their messages, like the rest of the group.

If you have answered yes to all these situations, it is almost sure that you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

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