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Hensuki Girl Tier List and its Like 6 Anime Like Hensuki

Hensuki, short for Hensuki: Are You ready to drop in Love with a Pervert, as Long as She’s a Cutie? Hepburn: Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasuka?) is a Japanese romantic comedy light novel series written by Tomo Hanauma and delineated by sune.

The series follows Keiki Kiryū, a secondary school student who seeks the sender’s identity of an anonymous love letter attached to underwear, which leads him to discover the girls’ unique hidden peculiarities in his life.

1. First Episode Anime Impressions: Hensuki

Hensuki delivers precisely what you’d expect from the somewhat ecchi romantic comedy of the season: fan service, three young girls who all might like our protagonist, one marginally hidden case of siscon, a male protagonist who is excessively horny for his benefit, and such a large number of misunderstandings that will make the MC’s life (and not only) hard.

Keiki is your typical run-of-the-mill good guy who wants a girlfriend but thinks that girls wouldn’t possibly want anything to do with him. However, he is kind and considerate, and the girls he frequently hangs out with due to club time and library duties all like him for what he truly is. Presently, one of them Presently him and leaves an anonymous love letter and one of her panties. Who could it be?

This is a compelling whodunnit romance, and it will discover its audience. Tragically, I am not part of it.

2. Hensuki: Girl Tier List

What’s the point of evaluating a harem anime if I can’t rank all of the girls in it from best to most exceedingly awful? Unfortunately, to do so, I’ll need to ruin each girl’s perverted tendencies, so skip to the end or watch the series if you don’t want to be spoiled. It’ll likewise be breaking who Cinderella is.

a. Yuika Koga

Yuika Koga is easily the best girl in the series. She’s an underclassman who, like numerous of the girls, is obsessed with Keiki. She’s additionally relatively small, which is one reason she’s so extraordinary. But the real cause is Yuika is the best girl is because she’s a sadist.

Yuika needs nothing more than to be Keiki’s master and to train him to be her servant. You shouldn’t be a masochist yourself to want Yuika to step on you. It’s a natural reaction anyone would have while being in her presence.

b. Koharu Ootori

Koharu Ootori is the other unimposing girl in the series, yet she’s not an underclassman. She’s an upperclassman who seems young. She prompts me a lot of Nadeko Sengoku from the Monogatari series, and Nadeko is adorable, so Koharu is as well by default.

Unlike most young ladies, I wouldn’t classify Koharu’s quirk as being perverted. She’s not a distort; she’s just a stalker. But I estimate it’s okay for her not to be a distort because she’s not a faithful member of Keiki’s harem. She’s in love and compulsion with his finest friend instead.

c. Mizuha Kiryuu

Mizuha Kiryuu is Keiki’s embrace sister — which Keiki somehow forgot. Late in the season, it’s uncovered that Keiki trusted Mizuha as his genuine sister, even though she was embraced into the family when he was like seven years old. She’s likewise a similar age as Keiki. However, I trust Keiki is marginally older.

And at the end of the season, it’s disclosed that Mizuha was Cinderella all along. I predicted this right from the start, though, so it wasn’t unexpected. Precisely, Mizuha is his sister, and Keiki release her as a feasible culprit immediately making it intelligible. And the reason Mizuha left her panties after is that she’s secretly into exhibitionism. Nice.

d. Sayuki Tokihara

I didn’t need to put Sayuki Tokihara this far down my tier list, yet she’s certainly not a preferable choice to those above her. She was practically above Mizuha, yet then Mizuha was uncovered to be an exhibitionist, so there’s no doubt in my mind she’s superior to Sayuki.

Sayuki is an upperclassman who’s the foil personality to Yuika. She’s elderly, is very un-flat, and is a masochist. Rather than wanting Keiki to be her attendant, she needs him to be her master. Likewise, she doesn’t want to be his servant; in essence, she needs to be his pet dog.

Best Anime Like Hensuki Girl

e. Ayano Fujimoto

Ayano Fujimoto is likewise the student council president or the class president of Keiki’s evaluation. I forget which, however, doesn’t matter. What proceeding is although she’s cute, she has a fetish that I don’t think I can get beyond. I’ll receive all the other girls above her on this list. However, I believe she’s where I draw the line.

Ayano has a smell obsession. She loves the smell of manly men sweating. And I estimate that’s not so bad, receive for the fact that’s what her life appears to spin around.

f. Mao Nanjou

Mao Nanjou is the official worse girl of the series because she’s so vanilla compared to the rest. She’s the childhood best friend, so you realize that makes her genuinely low-tier. But she’s as well not into any kinky stuff. Instead, she’s fair really into BL (boy’s love).

She’s additionally a tsundere, however a genuinely plain one. I love tsundere characters; notwithstanding, Mao is somehow a bad one. I don’t see her climbing the ranks even if this series gets a second season.

3. 3 Anime Like Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love With a Pervert, as Long as She’s a Cutie?

a. Okusama Ga Seitokaichou! (My Wife Is the Student Council President!)

Hayato Izumi got two big stunning surprises of his life in one single day. Even though he is acceptable at studying and responsible, he loses the student council president position to a Ui Wakana. The purpose of Ui’s victory? Her promises for comprehensive sex education, free condoms, and other exciting reforms.

After returning home with a sad face, Hayato gets the second surprise as Ui Wakana as his soon-to-be wife. Now Hayato has to balance school life with this secretly arranged relationship with Ui.

b. SHIMONETA: A Tedious World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

Japan has become a country that doesn’t permit any vulgarity after introducing new strict ethical laws. The citizens are under monitoring through an exceptional device. The Son of an infamous terrorist who opposed the regulations, Tanukichi Okuma, has just entered high school. He doesn’t want to relate to his father. He even joins the student council to stay away from the past.

But there is only one problem, Ayame Kajou, the student council’s vice president, has one major secret. She is the notorious Blue Snow, a masked criminal known for spreading revolting material. She learns about Tanukichi’s past and drags him into joining her SOX organization, planning an attack against the government.

c. Boku No Kanojo Ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch Na Ken (My Girlfriend Is Sho-bitch)

Since my first year in high school, Haruka Shinozaki liked Akiho Kousaka. After gathering courage, he finally confesses his feelings to Akiho, and surprisingly, she agrees to be his girlfriend. But Akiho is not the model student Haruka had in his mind.

Even though this is her first time dating someone, she is willing to please Haruka in any way possible. And yes, that goes as for as learning various sex positions or even Haruka’s fetishes. While Haruka assures Akiho that going to this length isn’t necessary, but Akiho is ready to devote herself to making Haruka happy in any way possible.

d. B-gata H-Kei

Yamada has just a single in her mind, and it’s to have casual sex with 100 men. But there is an issue. Even though she is lovely and confident about her looks, she has one insecurity about her body. Yamada thinks that her lady parts look bizarre, making her very self-conscious.

Worried that her first partner might make fun of her woman parts, she decides to discover someone inexperienced. There enters Kosuda Takashi, whom she believes is the perfect fellow virgin to gain experience. Yamada has a long way to go as she lacks basic knowledge about sex.

e. Midara NA Ao-chan WA Benkyou ga Dekinai (Ao-chan Can’t Study!)

In kindergarten, Ao Horie shared a simple about how her father chose her name. The thing is, her father, Hanasaki Horie, is a bestselling author of erotic novels, and her name Ao comes from “An as in apple and O as in orgy!.” That day still haunts her ten years later. Now her only goal is to go to an elite university and get away from her dad.

f. HenSemi

Matsutaka Nanako, an average university student, decides to invite Komugi Musashi to join a particular seminar. But soon, she regrets her choice, as the seminar she is supposed to join is pretty unusual.

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