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How to Upload a Video to YouTube Explained [Step-by-Step]

It doesn’t matter what video you are looking for; if it exists, it is practically a fact that you will be able to find it on YouTube since this platform has been the reference point for streaming for many years.

If you have decided to create your channel on a specific topic, or you want to share the scenes of your last meeting with friends, but you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry – we will explain in easy steps how to upload a video to YouTube. It’s up to you if you want to be famous.

Note: For this guide, we assume that you have already created a YouTube/Google account.

1. Log into Your YouTube Account

Before you start, you will realize that you cannot upload a video to YouTube if you are not logged into your account. To do so, head over to the YouTube home page and click the login link in the upper right corner.

Log into your youtube account

If you have multiple accounts associated with the device you are using, you will be prompted to choose the version you prefer to use. Once done, enter your password, and you will be returned to the main YouTube page. Now you are ready to upload your first video.

2. Click The Create Button and Upload Video

The next step is even shorter than the first: you have to click the upload button. It’s also in the upper-right corner and is represented by an up arrow with a line under it.

That will take you to a dedicated upload page, where you can choose the source from which you want to upload your video to YouTube.

Click The Create Button and Upload Video

3. Choose Your Privacy Settings and Video Source

The upload page gives you a few different options to choose from, and all are worth considering. To get started, you need to decide who you want to view your video and adjust your privacy settings accordingly.

For example, if you would like anyone to see it, your choice should be the “Public” setting in the main drop-down menu.

If you want to have a little more control over who is viewing it, selecting “Hidden” prevents it from being found through searches. Instead, people would have to click the direct link or go to your channel.

Select Files To Upload Video on YouTube

If, for some reason, you are looking to keep the video private just for yourself, such as to save it for later presentation, choose to make your video “Private.”

After doing so, you can select the “Scheduled” option, which allows you to select a future date and time for your video to become public.

Once you’ve decided who can view your video, you need to select where you’re uploading it from. Do you want to import it directly from Google Photos, Dropbox, or iCloud? Would you instead upload it directly from your device, or broadcast it live?

You will see that there are specific options on the right side for live streaming and import, but if you are like most, you will surely do it from your local device. For that, click on the big white arrow with gray background in the center of the screen, and find the video you want to upload in your various files and folders.

4. Handle The Video Upload Details on YouTube

Get ready, because once you have confirmed the video you are uploading, you will be taken to the upload page. You will see a progress bar at the top of the screen, which will let you know how much has been loaded and how long it takes to complete.

Handle The Video Upload Details on YouTube

Depending on the length and quality of your video, that may take some time, but while YouTube works its magic, you can start preparing it for prime time.

It would be best to think about what title to put, write a description, and add any relevant tags you believe it needs to help the general public find it. There is also a button where you can add it to some specific playlist.

For those who want to dig a little deeper into their video upload features, the “Translations” tab allows you to enter translated titles and descriptions for YouTubers around the world.

The “Advanced settings” allow you to control various aspects, such as the category, whether or not you allow comments and ratings, whether the video is in 3D and other options.

All of these cool aspects of managing YouTube uploads can help make them more inclusive and relevant to your audience. Still, they’re not a necessity for merely uploading a video online.

 5. Upload Video Thumbnail Images

Upload Video Thumbnail Images

Unless you have a verified account, you won’t be able to get too creative with the thumbnails that identify your video, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have other options.

Once your video has been fully uploaded and processed, you will be able to choose from three thumbnails to select from.

Choose your favorite and click the blue button that says “Done” or “Post” to finish. If you want to share the video privately, you can click the “Share” button on the right.

6. Edit or Change Something in The Video

Edit or Change Something in The Video

From this moment on, your video is already on YouTube and is available for everyone to see (publicly or not, depending on your preferences). However, if you want to make any changes in the future, all you need to do is go to “Creator Studio.”

You will find a link in the drop-down menu when you click on your account in the upper right corner. From there, you can see your videos, the number of views, and other analysis of your channel.

You can click on any of the individual videos you would like to edit, or click on “Video Manager” on the left side, which gives you full access to any tools you might need, as well as more details and an overview of each. Video you have uploaded.

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