Industry affiliates are authorized representatives from manufacturers, retailers, or other companies within the industry. Digital Technology Trends welcomes and encourages industry affiliates to interact with our digital community, including answering product information questions and providing support or general conversation. However, please be mindful that the community will view such interactions as representing the affiliated company and should be used properly.

An industry affiliate account is subject to the same site posting guidelines and terms & conditions. Additionally, should follow the following procedures:

Any account that intends to promote its company or products must make clear its affiliation with the company. An industry affiliate account is encouraged to request company-specific “flair” to appear next to their account name to help make this more evident to the community. Can ask this via the contact us page.

Product announcements or advertisements are allowed. If you have a new product you would like added to the Digital Technology Trends database, please reach out directly to our support staff or our contact us page.

Industry affiliates may not recommend their products or services to users who have not previously expressed interest. For example, if a user is asking about BRAND X, an industry affiliate of BRAND Y should not try to convince the user to switch to their product.

If you need to promote or sponsor your content on Digital Technology Trends Blog, If you have any further questions, please contact our support staff directly or email us at