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The Best Marketing Podcasts to Boost Your Knowledge

Over the past few years, podcasts have grown in popularity. No matter what the topic there seems to be a podcast for just about every interest and niche. A lot of people will now choose to listen to a podcast over music, whereas on the other hand, some people won’t have listened to a podcast ever in their life.

People tend to listen to podcasts for entertainment, but a lot of people would listen to marketing-related podcasts to boost their knowledge and stay up to date with the latest trends. Keep reading to find out about 5 different marketing podcasts, that we recommend you give to listen to if you are someone who wants to boost your knowledge.

1. This old Marketing

This podcast is led and hosted by experienced marketers Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi, who are content marketing institutes. In their 60-minute podcast episodes, they give a full rundown of the industry news, giving the latest updates and stories.

They then include a short segment which is known as “Rants and Raves”, where they both discuss their very own opinions on everything that is going on in the marketing industry. Each episode also includes an “Example of the Week”, looking at past marketing efforts from CMIs, examining the valuable lessons everyone can learn from their success. This podcast can be listened to by all every Friday.

2. Marketing School

If your looking for a shorter podcast then the Marketing school provides speedy 10 minutes podcasts, sometimes even under that. You can find actionable advice from the founder of NP Digital, Niel Patel, and the Ceo of digital marketing agency Single Grain, Eric Siu. These two industry experts cover a range of topics from marketing predictions, to SEO hacks and tips for any entrepreneur.

They also share their very own personal stories ranging from their biggest learning curves, marketing regrets, and what they have picked up throughout their careers. Since these are shorter podcasts these are great for anyone wanting to kick off their work day with some motivational tips and creative ideas.

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3. Marketing Over Coffee

If you are someone who has an interest in marketing and technology, then this podcast is for you. Marketing Over Coffee is hosted by John J.Wall who is the author of B2B Marketing Confessions, and his co-host Christoper S. Penn who is a professor at the University of San Francisco, teaching internet marketing.

These 20-minute episodes dive into many different topics surrounding SEO, social media, data, and more. If your someone looking for advice from a digital marketing agency, Our Digital Team specializes in SEO and all the other topics covered in this podcast. However, going back to the podcast each episode features special guests like Mike Volpe who is the CMO of HubSpot, and the CMO of Waze, Erin Clift.

4. Copperblogg FM

Copperblogg FM is a content marketing-related podcast, copperblog covers a wide range of content-related topics. Some of these topics include emerging trends, marketing disasters, copywriting practices, strategies, and worthwhile news topics.

The founder and CEO of Good People, Darrell Vesterfelt, and Tim Stoddart are the two people who host these weekly podcast episodes. All episodes range from 20 to 50 minutes and they get into interviews with industry experts, who discuss and analyze everything relating to content marketing with one another.

5. The Deeply Graphic Designcast

If your someone who’s interested in graphic design, this is creative podcast is great for you. Hosted by Nick Longo, Mikelle Morrison, and Jordan Wilson who are all graphic designers seeking to spark creative inspiration and expose you to uncommon perspectives.

The aim of this podcast is to help people improve their creativity within their careers through in-depth interviews, and discussions and by giving instructional lessons. All advice in this podcast covers graphic design, as well as diving into professional business guidance for anyone facing financial challenges, client relations, and more.

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