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Top 10 Smart Appliances That Will Make Your Life Easier

The ‘Internet of Things’ has revolutionized homes with utensils such as self-watering pots. These lights are modulated at the click of a button, programmable coffee makers or refrigerators that tell us what to buy.

The Internet has come to change the way we live. A couple of decades ago, it was practically unthinkable to watch any movie at any time without the need to buy or rent the DVD. We did not imagine being able to go on vacation without leaving the house keys to the neighbors to water the plants.

Now the so-called ‘Internet of things’ revolutionizing the most everyday acts. Lights modulated at the click of a button, programmable coffee makers or refrigerators that tell us what to buy. These are some of the smart appliances that will make your life easier.

1. Smart locks

Smart locks will not only bring an innovative and avant-garde touch to your home but will also give it extra security. These devices allow you to open the door with your mobile phone, with a code, with your fingerprint, or by merely bringing a card.

Smart locks - IoT

In this way, the use of keys is unnecessary. However, it must be considered that models that use a battery usually have mechanical access if it discharges.

These locks work with a wireless Internet connection to be managed from the smartphone, and it is even possible to open the door even when you are not at home.

2. ‘Smart lighting’ or intelligent lighting system

With the installation of a smart lighting system, your home will use resources more efficiently, in a way that will improve the lighting level and help reduce the cost of the bill.

Smart lighting systems can modulate lighting at the click of a button, through mobile phones or tablets, since they work via Wi-Fi and usually operate with Google, Apple, or Amazon systems.

Smart intelligent lighting system

3. Refrigerators with WiFi

Control the cold level, optimize food management, prepare a shopping list, and even listen to music. These are some of the features that smart refrigerators offer.

These devices connect to the Wi-Fi network and work through a mobile application so that you can monitor all its functions from your smartphone.

In this way, with a single click, you can control the temperature, vary the degrees depending on the compartment, activate functionalities such as express freezing or vacation mode, watch videos through the screen, or view recipes step by step.

4. Smart TV

Smart TVs have come to many homes to stay in. In addition to watching traditional channels, these devices allow us to immediately view what we want thanks to their Internet connection. Most Smart TVs come with applications such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO, or Skype and can also be controlled through a mobile connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

LED Smart TVs

5. Smart TV Box

If your television does not have an Internet connection and you do not plan to change it for the moment, there is a simple and inexpensive way to ‘convert’ it into a Smart TV: install a smart TV box. There is a wide variety of alternatives in terms of their functionalities, and their prices range between 25 and 219 euros.

6. Robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming is one of the household tasks that we do the most every day, so buying a robot vacuum cleaner can save you a lot of time. These devices can be programmed to select the area to be cleaned, the number of repetitions, or the cleaning mode, among other functionalities that vary depending on the model.

7. Electronic thermostats

Technology makes it possible to keep your home at the same temperature at any time of the year. How? with the installation of electronic thermostats. These ‘gadgets‘ are more efficient than traditional appliances. Most models are controlled through a mobile application, so it is possible to connect the heating when we are not at home or program increases or decreases in temperature.

Electronic thermostats

8. Smart planters

If plant care is not your thing, don’t despair. There are smart planters that indicate from when to water to how many hours of sunlight your plant needs, through measuring the level of fertilizer or the temperature of the soil.

Some models indicate when you need a little water. Others include a self-watering system with autonomy for several weeks that can be controlled through a mobile application, so you can go on a trip without worrying about who takes care of the plants.

9. Smart and eco-efficient washing machines

Smart and eco-efficient washing machines

The new models of washing machines on the market go beyond selecting the right program for each type of laundry: they identify the fabric, select the optimal washing mode themselves, adapt the movements of the drum, and determine the right amount of water. They also allow you to control tasks through a mobile application and send notifications about the washing process.

10. Coffeemakers with WiFi

Now we can start the coffee maker from bed or even when we have not yet arrived home, thanks to a mobile application. In addition to programming ‘coffee time’, some models incorporate an alarm that alerts you while the drink is being prepared and allows it to be kept at a specific temperature.

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